Books for Children to Help Them Talk About Their Feelings.

It is a fact that books for children can help them cope better with reality and manage their emotions.

books for children Charlie and Lola

In this article, we have selected some books for children which bring escapism and entertainment. Reading can be a wonderful way to learn and this tradition of learning about life through books has been around for a long time. Psychologists say that fairy tales allow children to understand the world: the villains are punished and the good characters are rewarded.

Books for children: sibling rivalry

book for children charlie and lola

One of our favourite collections of books for children in the area of sibling rivalry is the Charlie and Lola collection. This brother and sister team often find themselves having to work though different emotions that all children can relate to. The quirky, bright illustrations are very appealing even to small children.

books for children ruby’s baby brother

Ruby’s Baby Brother by Kathryn White (Barefoot) can help a child talk about feelings of jealousy at the birth of a brother or sister. Ruby is filled with scary emotions when her parents bring her baby brother home from hospital. What will happen to her toys? Will she have to battle for her parent’s attention? But when her little brother reaches out for her hand, those scary feelings melt away and instead she starts imagining all the fun things they will do together.

Books for children: fears

books for children the black rabbit

There are so many illustrated stories for babies and toddlers about fears, that it’s hard to choose just one or two. The Black Rabbit, by Philippa Leathers (Walker) is about a little bunny who is afraid of his shadow. The tale shows how he finally learns not be afraid. A fear of the dark is another emotion that small children struggle with. The Dark by Lemony Snicket (Orchard) talks about Lazlo who sets out on a mission to conquer his fear. Both books provide parents with an opportunity to talk about fears with their children.


Books for children: friendship

books for children bird on your head

Any books by Mo Willems are absolute favourites in our household, for the comedy factor and touching stories of friendship. There is a Bird on Your Head has my children in giggles every time. This comical tale features Piggie and Gerald; best friends who have different ways of perceiving things. Gerald is anxious and often thinks the worst and Piggie is confident and often thinks of her stomach! A great tale of friendship that children will go back to over and over again.

Have you found books for children which help them manage their emotions?