Learning French for kids proving a challenge? Take out a subscription box!

Learning French for kids? A subscription box is more than just “buying books”. It’s about buying the gift of reading and makes learning French for kids fun. It’s also a great was to discover some fabulous books that you wouldn’t otherwise have bought. But again you have to find the right book at the right price and that can be a challenge. La Box de Pandore French books subscription box is adapted to the age of your child or children, if you have more than one. There’s no need to buy two boxes; just inform them that the box is for more than one child. Every month you receive at least three French books for children, something for the parent (and some extra goodies) to enjoy with your child so that learning French for kids is a little easier.

This month’s box was based on an Easter theme and the first thing the kids noticed when we opened it was the chocolate! There was enough for us all and there were even some tea bags thrown in so I could put the kettle on while we discovered the books.

Le Mystere du Grand Hotel by Martin Widmark and Helena Willis (Oskar jeunesse)

This is actually a Swedish book translated into French and my 8 year old started reading it immediately. Widmark is a Swedish children’s writer and teacher and has written several stories based on the same detective theme. Willis’ illustrations are quirky and attractive and my daughter  immediately took to this cool story of the detective duo: Oskar and Malena.

Un elephant dans mon Arbre by Barroux, published by Kilowatt

This book (3 years upwards) is a story about a young girl who shares her tree, or rather her “kingdom” with an elephant. The tale is about friendship, nature, dreams and wishes. Its a sweet story that taps into a child’s fertile imagination.

Cuisiner avec Nelly and Cesar – recipes for young children, by Ingrid Godon and Nele Soors, published by averbode.

I think I love this book more than the kids! The recipes are simple but they are set out on a double page with a full colour picture of the final result. Nelly and Cesar are full of tips and advice for cooking in the kitchen, making learning French a game you can eat!

2 cute bookmarks, an Easter-themed mosaic, a handy egg decorating stand and a book for the Parents were added extras, which brought a smile to everyone’s face. Learning French for kids (and their parents!)  just became much more fun.

Do you find learning French for kids a challenge?