How do you say Superhero in French ?

Language learning is always fun when linked to a child’s favourite subject. And we all love a Superhero!

My son asked me recently how to say Superhero in French. I explained that the French use the word Superhero, which is an English word. He wanted to know why they use an English word and if that meant there were not any French Superheroes. This was an opportunity for me to explain that language describes the world we live in and English-speakers (usually American-English!) created many of the heroes that we know today. I could have talked about the all-invading influence of the American comic book culture but he is only 6 … Instead we discussed our favourites: Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Wonder woman, etc. And why we liked them.

My son wanted a French Superhero. So we created one!

Engaging children in language learning with one of their favourite themes can be fun for all involved. The Superhero theme is a great opportunity to learn some new vocabulary. This activity comes from macocobox (a cool French activity subscription box for children between ages 3 to 7 but my 8 year-old loves it too…)


This is such an easy activity. You just need a big piece of paper (large enough for your child to lie on) some colouring pens and something that you can use to then stick the Superhero to a wall or a door, once it’s created. The child lies flat on the paper and strikes a Superhero pose, an adult draws round the child to create a silhouette and the child then creates their own hero by adding clothes, features with some coloured pens, etc. Easy.

French superhero


Is it a bird « oiseux »? Is it a plane « avion » ? No, it’s a French Superhero !

Have fun finding the words to describe your hero in both languages depending on the age of your child and their language level. For younger children, the vocabulary could focus on the body parts and colours: his arm is blue, her jacket is black … For the older child the vocabulary can be more sophisticated and focus on the different super powers of the Superhero that the child is creating. He can see through walls, she can fly ….

So what are you waiting for: up, up and away!

Originally posted 2015-03-19 07:00:57.