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Maman britannique de 2 enfants bilingues, je suis passionnée par les langues, les cultures et l'education. J'ai d'ailleurs fait un doctorat sur le sujet. J’essaye de transmettre ma passion pour la lecture à mes enfants au travers de livres enfants en anglais et en français. British mum of two little bilingual readers, I’m passionate about languages, culture and education and researched these subjects extensively for my PhD. I enjoy sharing my love of reading with my children. We particularly love books by Usborne

The Best-selling Book in The World is a French Book, COCORICO!

Par |9 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

My 8-year old daughter and I were discussing our favourite French book. There is a French book that is a universal favourite, regardless of age or nationality and that is [...]

New Books for April by Usborne

Par |7 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

Discovering new books is like opening a present or a box (!) and this month there are 22 exciting new books by Usborne to discover. What joy. We have picked four of our favourite [...]

How To Promote Language Learning and Develop Reading skills

Par |25 avril , 2019|Livre Enfant|

There are several ‘things to find’ children's books on the market. These types of activity puzzle books can help promote language learning and develop reading skills. They also make books [...]

How do you say Superhero in French ?

Par |20 avril , 2019|Activité Manuelle|

Language learning is always fun when linked to a child’s favourite subject. And we all love a Superhero! My son asked me recently how to say Superhero in French. I [...]

French Books for kids. Why Not try French Comic Books?

Par |18 avril , 2019|Livre Enfant|

English children learning French at school are often encouraged to read French books.  Reading can enhance a child’s knowledge of a foreign language and increase his or her confidence. However finding [...]

French books For Young Learners Ages 2 to 6

Par |12 avril , 2019|Livre Enfant|

I am often asked to recommend French books for young learners. The choice of book for a monolingual child, learning a foreign language, is not quite the same as for [...]

Learning French for kids proving a challenge? Take out a subscription box!

Par |21 septembre , 2015|Livre Enfant, Non classé|

Learning French for kids? A subscription box is more than just "buying books”. It’s about buying the gift of reading and makes learning French for kids fun. It’s also a great [...]