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Maman britannique de 2 enfants bilingues, je suis passionnée par les langues, les cultures et l'education. J'ai d'ailleurs fait un doctorat sur le sujet. J’essaye de transmettre ma passion pour la lecture à mes enfants au travers de livres enfants en anglais et en français. British mum of two little bilingual readers, I’m passionate about languages, culture and education and researched these subjects extensively for my PhD. I enjoy sharing my love of reading with my children. We particularly love books by Usborne

French Words in English. How do You Say Goûter?

Par |15 juin , 2019|Education et Scolarite|

When it comes to saying French words in English, my children and I are sometimes a little amused. For example how do you say “gouter” in English? Somehow “snack” doesn’t [...]

Learning French for kids. Which Books are your Favourites ?

Par |9 juin , 2019|Livre Enfant|

Learning French for kids should be fun. However the choice of academic type books on the market are very similar to the books children use in school and can be off-putting. It [...]

Best Fiction Books For Early Readers

Par |5 juin , 2019|Livre Enfant|

My 6 year old can read well but prefers that I read to him. The challenge is finding the best fiction books that he, I (and his older sister) can enjoy [...]

Picture Books for Children: What Are English Children Reading?

Par |26 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

There are so many wonderful picture books for children that it is difficult to know where to start when trying to pick favourites. I decided to ask around amongst British friends [...]

Books for Children to Help Them Talk About Their Feelings.

Par |24 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

It is a fact that books for children can help them cope better with reality and manage their emotions. In this article, we have selected some books for children which bring [...]

Are You a Good Reading Role Model for Your Child?

Par |23 mai , 2019|Education et Scolarite|

If you want your child to be a ‘good reader’, be a good reading role model. Use opportunities in the day to show your child how useful reading is: a [...]

Best fiction books for children who can read by themselves.

Par |21 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

I’m always on the look-out for the best fiction books for children who can read independently. There are books that my 8-year old likes to read alone and books that [...]

French books for children? All French bookshelves have at least one ‘Max and Lili’ in their collection.

Par |19 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

Max and Lili are one of the most popular series of French books for children between the ages of 6 and 12. As a British native, I had never heard [...]

Art Books for Children Can Help their Reading Skills

Par |15 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

Art books for children are popular choices for small and big boys and girls alike. The ability to understand and analyse art is an important skill that children can learn at [...]

Building Baby’s First Library in French. Some ideas to get you started

Par |12 mai , 2019|Livre Enfant|

We are big fans of the public library but there is something special about having your own library in French. This is a collection of books that you can come back [...]