Art books for children are popular choices for small and big boys and girls alike.

The ability to understand and analyse art is an important skill that children can learn at an early age.

Some parents dismiss knowledge of art as a ‘soft skill’ that is not as important as sciences or maths but in doing so they are missing something. By exposing your children to art, you are helping them analyse and understand the world. The more they are exposed to art, the better they are at understanding images, which in turn helps their imagination and ability to think critically. This will help their reading, writing, maths and other skills.

Parents can introduce their child to art in many ways. Obviously art museums are the first choice. It is easy to find a special art event designed for children, via the museum’s website. Often the museum has printables and special activities, which help to engage the children during their visit.

Another possibility to introduce art to your children is through books. There are several art books on the market and some of our favourites are by Usborne.

art books for children

My Very First Art Famous Paintings book is a fun way to introduce children to some of the world’s most famous paintings from aged 4 upwards. This fun, colourful book for children provides your child with some of the basics and allows them to contemplate different artworks. They say a picture paints a thousand words and you will be encouraging your child’s imagination by asking him or her about what the different pictures represent. By allowing him the freedom to interpret the paintings as he likes, you will be setting him on a path for lifelong art appreciation. And it can start at a young age!

Each painting has been specially chosen to appeal to young children and is accompanied by interesting facts about the artist and the ways in which they worked. There is also a section on « trying it yourself » suggesting ways to experiment with different art techniques and Internet links to recommended websites, to discover many more famous paintings and artists.

art books for children

For older children, the Usborne Art Book About Colour is a great choice. It explains to children how the first paints were created from crushed insects and goes on to explain the meanings behind different colours. The book features modern art and artists such as Renoir and is full of interesting art facts, hints and tips for budding artists.

Which art books for children are popular in your family?

Originally posted 2015-04-19 17:00:05.